Impact Fees

In 1990, the Georgia Development Impact Fee Act (DIFA) was enacted into law, and it significantly affected the way local governments in Georgia pay for public services and facilities. Impact fees are one-time fees charged to land developers and companies to help cover their fair share of the costs of expanding capital facilities to serve new growth.  In Flemington those categories include fire, law enforcement and roads.  

Impact Fee Ordinance

Impact Fee Schedule

New Construction

Each time a new property is developed an impact fee must be remitted to the Clerk's Office before any permits can be issued.  Flemington's impact fee is in addition to tap fees that may be assessed by other servicing entities.


Change of Use

There are times when a building has a change of use will generate an impact fee.  An example of this is a business converting excess warehouse space into additional office space.  The impact fee administrator reviews each unique instance to determine whether an impact fee is applicable.


Capital Improvement Element ("CIE")

Each year, the City adopts the yearly Impact Fee CIE and transmits the financial reports to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs ("DCA") for approval.  The DCA analyzes the revenue, expenditures and encumberances before approving the CIE -or- they will initiate an audit to investigate further.  The City of Flemington has received approval every year since the program launched in 2019.

Contact Info

Jenelle Gordon
Impact Fee Administrator
156 Old Sunbury Rd. Flemington, GA 31313
(912) 877-3223
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Frequently Asked Questions

What have the Impact Fees paid for?

Flemington Impact Fees recently funded a new quint fire truck for the Hinesville Fire Department!  A quint is both a ladder truck and an engine.   Coastal Courier - New Fire Truck Article.  Initially the amount discussed was $500k, however the city was able to fund $800k for the truck at the time of the agreement signing.  The HFD provides fire protection for the City of Flemington.

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