Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement in the City of Flemington is provided via intergovernmental agreement by the Liberty County Building and Licensing Department.  

The Liberty County Code Enforcement Officer strives each day to improve our community to help accomplish that mission. While some view code enforcement as an annoying intrusion, others see it for what it is... an important function of local government to enforce laws and codes that make our community better. Nuisance laws and property maintenance codes are a large part of that focus for Code Enforcement Officers. 
Some of the code violations they receive complaints on are neglected properties, unenclosed junk and litter, inoperable vehicles, illegal placement of campers, building without a permit and operating a business without a license. 
If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer or visit their website.  Code Enforcement

Contact Info

Hailey Louth
Code Enforcement Officer
112 N. Main St. Room 1200 Hinesville, GA 31313
(912) 876-8454
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