Household Trash & Bulk Trash (aka Solid Waste)


1.  The first truck begins its route very early in the morning (usually starting around 6:00 am.)  That truck has a claw on it and will pick up your SOLID WASTE curbside.  This could include yard debris, boxes, an old dresser, a broken chair, etc.  Please be sure to stack it neatly and away from your polycart (and mailbox if applicable) at the curb.  The driver CANNOT exit the truck due to liability reasons.

2.  The second truck comes to dump your green POLYCART (trash can).  Please have the handle face your house to help ensure the longevity of the lids.  


NOTE:  If there are vehicles in the street or something blocks the trucks from being able to service your residence, they will not be re-dispatched out.  This can potentially affect multiple homes, so please be a good neighbor and make sure the sanitation trucks can service your neighborhood fully.