Special Called Meeting – 5/10/23 @ p.m.





Special Called Meeting

The Mayor of the City of Flemington is calling for a special called meeting on Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 beginning at 2:00 p.m. The purpose of the special called meeting is to review special fund balances and encumbrances, introduction of the FY24 proposed budget, and the draft FY22 Impact Fee CIE.

Interested persons are invited to attend in person at 156 Old Sunbury Rd.



Agenda  May 10th, 2023 Special Called Meeting Agenda

Meeting Documents & Links:

  1. City Balance Sheet (as of 4/30/2023)  Balance Sheet 4.30.2023
  2. Capital Improvement Encumbrances  Capital Improvement Encumbrances
  3. SPLOST 7 Intergovernmental Agreement  [7] SPLOST 2022 IGA (v4) Flemington_7-12-2022
  4. TSPLOST Intergovernmental Agreement Memo – Adoption of TSPLOST Resolution (Flemington).doc
  5. City of Hinesville Water/Sewer Relocation for Signalization Intergovernmental Agreement  8.3.21 WATER AND SEWER EXTENSION AND SERVICE INTERGOVERNMENTAL AGREEMENT._Executed.docx
  6. Impact Fee Methodology Report Flemington Methodology 7-27-18 FINAL
  7. Impact Fee CIE Flemington CIE AS ADOPTED 11-13-18
  8. American Rescue Plan Workshop Presentation ARPA – MRAC Class
  9. American Rescue Plan Information  https://www.gacities.com/arpa
  10. City Clerk Duties (adopted 8/9/2016) clerk job description – adopted August 9, 2016
  11. City Clerk Current Duties List (as of 5/10/2023)  Jenelle Gordon City Clerk Duties
  12. Admin Assistant Duties XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  13. GA Power invoice for light on Old Savannah Rd.  (5/6/22) Illumination Contract (GPC)_05-06-2022_15-18-42-7 Old Savannah Rd
  14. Training for Elected Officials https://www.gacities.com/What-We-Do/Training-Education/Harold-F-Holtz-Municipal-Training-Institute.aspx