A Letter From Mayor Sandra Martin

I would like to take this opportunity to say “Welcome!” Whether you are a newcomer or you have lived in Flemington for many years, I am sure that you would agree that Flemington is a great place to call home. We have only to look around to see the uniqueness of our surroundings.

In recent years, it has been a challenge to balance Flemington’s character and small town charm against its inevitable growth. Consequently, and in order to be fair to everyone, the members of the City Council and I have made extensive efforts to ensure that relevant ordinances are not only in place but that they are also enforced in a fair and impartial manner.

Flemington is an ever changing community. The Council and I have an unwavering commitment to help guide the future of our City in a positive direction which will serve the best interest of all citizens of our community. We are proud that our small city has been able to furnish the state-mandated services necessary to retain its charter without the imposition of fees or City property taxes on its citizens. Of course, significant growth may someday impact our ability to continuing operating in this manner but it is our intent to impose fees and/or taxes only after careful consideration of all other options.

Although you are always welcome, many of you do not have the opportunity to attend our monthly Council meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month, it is my hope that this website will provide you the opportunity to stay informed on the happenings in Flemington.

In closing, I want to ask for your support promoting Flemington as an independent and vital community. Too often, Flemington is confused with our good neighbor Fleming to the east, or assumed to be an extension of Hinesville to the west. Our mail may say that we live in Hinesville, but I hope that the next time you are asked, you will take pride in saying “I live in Flemington, Georgia!”